To Set the DG-ID on a Yaesu FT70D
The very first thing we need to do is change one of the menu items! Let's do that:

Press the "F" button for 2 seconds to bring up the Menu section.

Quickly press the "F" key again.

The display will show "NORMAL" turn the top knob till it shows "OFF".

The display will show "OFF". Push down on the "F" button for 2 seconds. This will store the new value in the memory and return the display to normal.

Rotate the top knob till the menu reads "25 GM INT".

This menu item # 25 will cause the handheld to transmit a short carrier with the DG-ID when the "GM" button is turned every so many seconds. You DO NOT want your handheld doing this so we turned it off!
Now let's put in a DG-ID so we can link two or more repeaters together.
Hold down the "MODE" button for 2 seconds.
Turn the dial on top to set the Desired DG-ID TX. In this case we will set it to "23".
The DG-ID TX shown here (23) will connect the Coos Bay Repeater with the Sherwood Repeater. (Repeater 2 with repeater 3) 32 would also work just as well.
Hold down the "MODE" Button for 2 seconds and you will see the main screen come back.
When your done with you link remember to put your DG-ID TX back to 00!