To Set the DG-ID on a Yaesu FT7250DR
Press the "P2" button on the microphone for 2 seconds till you get the screen on the left.
Then quickly press the microphone  "P2" button again to toggle between the T00 and the R00 till the T00 is blinking then use the knob on the right to change the "T" side to the transmit DG-ID you want. In this case we will change it to 23 which will connect the Coos Bay Repeater with the Sherwood Repeater. (Repeater 2 with repeater 3) 32 would also work just as well.

Press and hold down the "P2" microphone button for 2 seconds and you will see the main screen come back. This will write your changes into the DG-ID Memory.
You can switch between the different DG-ID memories using the "P1" microphone button. If you hold down the "P1" button it will put in DG-ID of T00 and R00. This DG-ID memory of 00 cannot be changed. If you quickly push the "P1" button you can select the DG-ID memory you want using the knob on the right of the radio. When you have any other DG-ID memory selected (1-9) the display will change between the frequency display and the DG-ID memory you have selected. It will not change when you have DG-ID  memory 0 selected.